Lucid Dreams VR
Indie developer of room-scale VR "dreams" (mini-games, experiences, etc.) for the HTC Vive.   My focus is on creating intuitive controls that feel natural and increase the immersion.   Click on the links below to get more information or go to the relevant storefront. If you enjoyed the experience, please leave a review and tell your friends about it!


Beach Bowling Dream VRAvailable on Steam

Beach Bowling Dream VR screenshot

My first game for the HTC Vive built with Unity 3D and released on Steam.

"A lucid dream about getting ship-wrecked on a deserted island and finding that the materials from your ship have been turned into a beach bowling alley by a friendly ghost of a pirate! A fun room-scale experience/mini-game for the HTC Vive. Can you unlock the pirate's treasure chest? The lock on it looks fairly brittle..."

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