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Volleyball Lineup Tracker (VBLT for short) is a handy utility for volleyball coaches to use before and during matches. Create and manage multiple rosters and lineups including scheduled substitutions and optional libero(s). Track possession, score, time-outs, substitutions, libero swaps, and rotations during a set. Includes support for rally or sideout scoring, side switches, and non-standard start/end scores. Replaces and far exceeds the functionality of a plastic rotation locator costing $8-10...it even reminds you when you have scheduled substitutions. VBLT is such an easy to use and powerful tool, you'll wonder how you ever coached without it!

VBLT turned 10 years old in 2021 and is now used by thousands of coaches around the world!

Highlights of VBLT's features include:
  • Simple and intuitive interface lets you focus on the match
  • Verify score and rotation at a quick glance
  • Lineup preview follows familiar USAV/FIVB style
  • Dual, single, or no Libero
  • Rally and side-out scoring
  • Intuitive touch interface for on-the-fly subs and Libero swaps
  • Scheduled subs with options to sub on rotation or sideout
  • Full undo/redo support (can be a huge help when unwinding a scorer mistake
  • Manage a single or multiple teams/rosters
  • Enter multiple lineups per team with optional meta tags
  • Filter lineups by name, win-loss record, point differential, meta tags, etc.
  • Also tracks score, time-outs, and substitutions remaining

Tutorial videos avialable in the VBLT YouTube Channel.

Made by Volleyball coaches for Volleyball coaches, we use it ourselves for every match. Join us and the thousands of coaches around the world that are using VBLT to simplify their lineup/rotation/sub tracking so they can focus on coaching. Here is an example of the type of feedback we receive after coaches use VBLT for a few weeks:

"Used the app for about 6 matches now and I love it. Thank you for this as it is exactly what I have been needing. A feature that I didn't really notice right away and have come to love is the 'undo' screen. A great tool when you have to prove where the score keeper made a mistake!" - Coach Scott

Available on the App Store.